ATTENTION New Home Sales Consultants - THIS IS FOR YOU! 

2019 is your year to play BIG!

It's time to sell at least one more home a month! Wouldn't you love that?

Are you ready to be known as THE client focused

leader in your industry?

Remove all stress from your sales process?

Have your clients create more clients? (The Ultimate!)

Oh and how about make more money,

a lot more money........? 

I know how you feel, I wanted the same things!

I've spent over 15 years mastering how to achieve them all, you don't need to, we can start right now!    

Nicola Bow

Business Relationship,

Communications and Sales Coach

specializing in New Homes Sales


I know what you're thinking.......

  • Selling has always been and will always be a stressful, unpredictable way to make money
  • To make serious money in sales you need to be aggressive
  • Some clients are just hard work, sometimes impossible to sell to 
  • My sales pipeline could never be predictable and realistic, I live in optimistic hope that I will sell at least one home this month

I'm going to be completely honest with you, if you are looking for aggressive sales or closing techniques, I'm not your girl. 

If you are looking at making more sales at any cost, I'm not for you either.


If, however you are ready to make 2019 your best sales year yet whilst...... 

  • Serving at a higher level 
  • Start working within a framework you feel good about not a strict, rigid process
  • Understanding your clients in a way that makes their decision to buy from you easy
  • Creating clients that create clients (the ultimate, right?)
  • Mastering trust building 
  • Enjoying your sales pipeline being healthy and realistic, not hopeful and optimistic 
  • Becoming known as a client focused leader in your industry

.....................then I am what you have been looking for. 


"So with that understood ... let me jump right in and show you ..."

Exactly What You're Getting


  • 6 x Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with me plus Q & A time
  • Private facebook group for any questions, queries or challenges
  • Membership area to access your recorded coaching sessions, templates, checklists, workbooks and challenges and much more
  • Free - Self Doubt Kit ($97 value) to start the year being the most confident version of you!
  • We start on Wednesday 16th January at 1 pm (Pacific Time) 2019. Will you join me?...........


People Power Group Coaching does exactly what it says on the packet, it will give you the power to manage your sales in a way that lets you thrive personally and professionally without stress.


Just imagine that for a second, thriving personally, thriving professionally and all without stress, it's time, 2019 is going to be your year!


Maybe you feel that your sales process is too rigid? Possibly it feels forced or fake? STOP! It doesn't have to be this way, I don't believe in one size fits all, I don't believe in aggressive selling, it doesn't work and is not pleasant for anyone! Selling should not be complicated or painful, selling is a service and should be treated as such. 

I have created a framework that encourages you to be yourself, to play to your strengths, to really thrive in your sweet spot of selling in a way that is easy, comfortable and stress free for you.  


I have been preparing the content for months and I am so excited to get started, to support you, guide and encourage you throughout your best sales year yet.


Every week for 6 weeks we will meet (online) for a coaching session, plus Q & A time, any questions, queries or challenges I'm here for you and I personally will be answering every one, not one of my team, me!

Here is our schedule;


Week 1 

How to remove all stress from your sales process  

 How to build your personal brand - after all people do business with people 

Week 2

           Getting potential clients to your show/display home and how to build           immediate trust

Week 3

           Behavior Grid - understand your clients in a way that makes them feel              understood, valued and confident in buying their new home from you

Week 4

Considerate questioning and overcoming those objections 

Week 5

Maximize momentum and get to contract faster

Week 6

After the sale where clients create clients......... 


Be part of our private facebook group. This is a high vibe environment where we will be sharing wins, overcoming challenges and supporting each other


Also included is a membership area where you can access recordings of our coaching sessions, templates, workbooks, challenges, checklists, upcoming content and of course your freebies!


What Do You Know I hear you ask:)


I have over 15 years experience selling New Homes here in NZ and in the UK. I am also a qualified Strategic Intervention Coach (Tony Robbins training).

I have been coaching clients one on one for the last few years and decided months ago it's time to step up my game (it's my year to play big too!) and help more people through group coaching. It has taken me this time to prepare for our group coaching sessions so I maximize the value you receive. Everything I coach my clients I have tried and tested many times over the years, I have spent over 15 years mastering every aspect of client behavior; 

  • how they make decisions 
  • how they need to be communicated to 
  • how to make clients feel understood and valued
  • how to get to the honest objections
  • how to overcome objections thoroughly, not brush over them
  • how to achieve the sale without really selling 
  • how to nurture clients so they create more clients 



Her smile was infectious – she asked if we needed any assistance and when we declined, she said to wander around and ask any questions if we had any.  We immediately felt at ease despite our scruffy outdoor wear and spent the next few minutes looking around the house.


When we’d finished, Nicola struck up conversation; we must have been on the sofa chatting for at least an hour!  We covered many topics, not just house building but by the end of the session we had arranged for Nicola to meet us at our section.  We loved her easy-going, natural style. She talked with us; about our backgrounds, our land, our preferences in house style, our budget – there was never any judgement and it made a great start to what was fabulous experience building our own home.


We did go to other show homes but no one came even close to Nicola in how she interacted with us and how warm she was towards us.


You always hear how stressful it is to build.  We found the absolute opposite.  Nicola spoke our language; she was always very clear on deadlines, what could be achieved for what dollar value, what our choices were and on and on….. There is so much happening with a build that you really do have to put your trust in the liaison person – that person was Nicola and we are still so grateful to this day for everything she did for us during that build.


- Brad and Beth, Taupo NZ 


If you are serious about making 2019 your year for playing big, for mastering your talent for selling, for finally creating clients that create clients, for not worrying about where your next commission cheque is coming from, then it's time to join me on this 6 week group coaching journey.




We start on group coaching sessions 16th January 1pm (PST), your first workbook is ready and waiting in your membership area and our private facebook group is ready for you to join us right now. 


I can't wait to have you with me, to see how you grow and achieve your dreams and your goals, I'll see you soon.......... 

But you know what else you'll really love?

FREEBIES! Who doesn't love them? 

I know, right? Me too!


My Self Doubt Kit (value $97) 15 days from Self Doubt to Self Love.

I've specifically included this for you as it really is the prefect foundation for our group coaching. 


You see, when you exude confidence potential clients see it and feel it. Seeing your confidence gives them confidence in working with you. 


Sound simple? The concept is simple but we can still get caught up in our own doubts, fears and worries and before we know it that is what exudes from us. 


Let's kick those doubts, fears and worries into touch and let our confidence rule.


15 days from Self Doubt to Self Love, you can access this course immediately when you join me for our group coaching......what are you waiting for?  


Maybe it's the cost of group coaching with me? Let's address it right now and believe me you will be shocked, pleasantly:) 


People Power Group Coaching and Membership Platform

 will only require your one off

investment of $97 (SAVE 50%)

  • 6 x Weekly group coaching sessions with me plus Q & A time
  • Private facebook group for any questions, queries or challenges
  • Membership area to access your recorded coaching sessions, templates, checklists, workbooks and challenges and much more
  • Self Doubt Kit ($97 value) to start the year being the most confident version of you!
  • this offer is only available for the first Group Coaching Program that starts on Wednesday 16th January 1 pm (Pacific Time) .....act now and save 50%


So make the commitment to yourself that 2019 is going to be your year for playing big, for making the money in sales you desire whilst working to your strengths and building a client base that creates more clients, do it now!

This Is Truly A Limited Offer - We start group coaching on 16th January

for unlimited income in 2019....

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to speaking with you soon.








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